Petter Thörne

Product Designer

Petter is educated at Kostfack in Stockholm and The Royal College of Art in London. He has won several international awards for his work in furniture design and art. Petter's work is often based on material and materiality - how we experience and relate to different materials. He has a great technical knowledge about production and detailing and is skilled in 1:1 prototyping in furniture and urban spaces. 


joshua morrison

Environmental Designer

Joshua is a landscape architect and urban planner trained at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology School of Architecture, Copenhagen University, and Brown University. He is an urban studies faculty at DIS, where he teaches bicycle urbanism and strategies for urban livability. 

Joshua's design ethos is built on human-centered design, honed during his time at Gehl Architects where he developed studies of public life and public space for cities in Australia, New Zealand, and China. His work has been published by the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning and the World Bank


jens vium skaarup


Jens is educated at The Aarhus School of Architecture and has a passion for architecture’s role in society. Central to his work is people's relationship with space. He has a natural sense for how architecture and design can be a part of and improve its soundings and is skilled in navigating the space between the public and private realm in architecture and urban design.